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Keetec GPS Tracking

GPS locator Keetec GPS Sniper is designed to locate the current position of the vehicle using GPS coordinates. The system automatically sends to the user an SMS with a link to Google maps so user can see the position of car on your smartphone. The unit can be installed as a standalone device to locate the vehicle or connected to an aftermarket car alarm (eg. KEETEC TS 50 CAN) and in case of alarm is able to inform the vehicle owner via SMS.

Setting up and controlling unit is performed via SMS or mobile application (Android). GPS locator is equipped with security functions such as tilt alarm, tow away protection or alarm during GSM jamming.

Main features:

  • Setting up and controlling via SMS/App
  • Modern and intuitive mobile app for Android (iOs later)
  • SMS with link to GOOGLE maps
  • Editable texts of alert SMS
  • Up to 3 authorized phone numbers
  • GSM Anti-jamming protection (alarm)
  • Over speed alarm
  • Tow away protection (GPS zone)
  • Build-in tilt sensor
  • Built-in back up battery
  • 2 outputs (1 for alarm, 1 for user control)
  • Application for smart phones availible in Google Play Store


For GPS locator functionality is required valid prepaid or postpaid SIM card (not included). To view a vehicle in Google Maps on your mobile phones, an Internet connection is required.

ANDROID / iOS (not ready)

Get the Keetec GPS Sniper APP on Google Play

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