Reverse Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras

Reverse parking sensor

Reverse Parking Sensors

Need a little help squeezing into those tight spots? Car Security can supply and fit reverse parking sensors built-in and colour-coded to your car or van bumper, making reverse and parallel parking an easy task.

– The systems is activated once reverse gear is engaged, and a loud Bleep will signal the Sensors are activated.
– As the vehicle gets closer to the obstruction the frequency of the bleeps increases.
– At 45 centimetres from the obstruction the bleeps become a continuous solid tone.

In other words, the closer you get to something the louder and more constant the beeping gets.

The beams are reflected by obstructions behind the vehicle, and re-enter the sensors. The reflected beam information is processed to calculate the distance of the obstruction.

When the vehicle is less than 1.5 metres from the obstruction the audible alert will emit intermittent bleeps.

Kit Contents

  • 4 Recess Bumper Fit Sensors                                   
  • 1 Control Unit
  • Audio Buzzer Unit
  • 1 Cutting Tool
  • 1 Wiring Harness

Front Parking Sensors

Front parking sensors installation Dublin

Parking assist system is an ultrasonic distance monitoring system. It electronically detects the area in front of your vehicle while parking, and alerts you with audible tones if the system detects an obstacle.
This product is a 4-sensor system for front bumper protection.
Combined with functions such as automatic self-test and learning function, they are ideal for cars with front metal bar


Reversing Camera

This colour rear-view camera will simply connect to your reversing light for power and come on automatically whenever you select reverse gear. It comes with a 4m phono/RCA cable (extensions are available) which you can then plug into the appropriate auxiliary socket of your cars in-built satellite navigation system or in-car Entertainment / DVD system so you will get a picture of the rear of the car flash up when reversing.

No routine maintenance or adjustment is required. Dirt, frost or snow accumulated on the camera may be cleaned off carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals or spirits. Applying hot water in frozen conditions may damage the camera. The camera can be washed carefully with warm soapy water.

Kit Contents

  • 1 Colour CMOS Camera With Nightvision
  • 1 Cutting Tool for Camera
  • Power Lead
  • Phono Visual Lead
  • User Manual

 7.0″ Mirror Monitor

Mirror Monitor

A unique way of installing a TFT/LCD monitor is simply attaching the monitor to the rear view mirror of a vehicle with the clips provided. It operates as a mirror until it receives a video signal at which point the centre 7″ section becomes a high resolution widescreen monitor


Veba AV4321mm

Veba AV4321

Simply attaches to existing rear view mirror. AV4321MM operates as a normal mirror until an AV signal is received then a 4.3” section becomes a High Resolution Widescreen (16:9) monitor

6″ 9-36 Volt Monitor


Free Standing 6″ TFT/LCD Monitor with 2 Video and 2 Audio outputs, sunshade and built-in speaker. Unique circuitry allows this monitor to operate on a multi-voltage system (9-36 volts) while still maintaining a 12 volt output. This means that any of cameras or source products can be used without the need for a voltage dropper, making it ideal for any number of applications. The 6″ display will operate on NTSC and PAL and support 16:9 widescreen formats. This monitor also includes an additional AV input and wired headphone socket on the front face.

Our new range of vehicle specific reversing cameras

Brake light camera

Ford transit Break Light
Ford Transit break light camera


Renault-Nissan-Opel-brake light camera

Renault-Nissan-Opel-brake light camera
Renault-Nissan-Opel-brake light camera

 Mercedes Sprinter brake light camera

Mercedes Sprinter brake
Mercedes Sprinter brake light camera

Fiat-Peugeot brake light camera

Fiat-Peugeot brake light camera installation
Fiat-Peugeot brake light camera


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